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Howard County Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America, Kokomo Indiana
Located at: 2629 South 200 East Kokomo, IN  46902
765-459-7995 Bingo 
765-416-3027 Membership and Office
Membership email - howardcountyiwla@gmail.com
Sporting Clays email address - hciwlasportingclays@gmail.com
Rifle Range, Pistol Range, Archery range; members only
Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays; open to the public
Sporting Clays will be closed to the public on Saturday Oct 22nd for a private shoot
and Saturday Oct 29th for a members only shoot. 


The range rules have changed, click here to read the latest.

Newsletter Notice. Starting January 1st 2017 the Howard County Izaak Walton league Newsletter will be email only. Please include a note with your email address on it when you return your renewal.

New guest rule this year. You can bring one guest at a time. You can bring the same guest every time or a different guest every time. Guests cost $10 each time. Put the $10 in the box on the side of the wall above the guest sign in sheet in the office vestibule after you sign the guest in. Make sure your guest reads the range rules and agrees to follow them. Guest rules apply to the Rifle/Pistol and Archery ranges only. Skeet, Trap and Sporting Clays are open to the public.

Open chamber indicator flags are now required at the Howard County Izaak Walton League shooting range. They are free to members, they are on the range and more can be had in the office. If you have any questions on open chamber indicator flag use please contact us at howardcountyiwla@gmail.com or call 765-416-3027 and leave a message

Firing Line Marker. The firing line on the rifle/pistol range is marked by the red/yellow tape on the north edge of the concrete and it extends out in front of the benches on the rifle side of the range. No one is allowed in front of this line when the range safety lights are off.

We Now Have Brass buckets and a DUD Can. The red DUD can on the back side of the range is for defective ammo (Duds). Please don’t put empty brass or empty steel cases in this can. Also, please don’t put any defective ammo (Duds) in the garbage, put them in the red DUD can. Please put all your empty brass in one of the two gray plastic brass buckets.

Membership and Gate Pass Problems.  if you are having trouble with your gate access card or if you have membership questions please send an email about the problem to howardcountyiwla@gmail.com or call 765-416-3027 and leave a message

Types of Membership. We offer two types of membership, single and family. A single membership only covers the person who bought the membership. A family membership covers husband, wife, minor children and minor grandchildren, all other family members will have to get their own membership or they can come as a guest. If you would like to upgrade your membership to family or downgrade your membership to single please email howardcountyiwla@gmail.com or call 765-416-3027 and leave a message